Friends and Neighbors,

There will be a Household Hazardous Waste and Medicine Drop-Off Saturday, November 5th at IHHA Park, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.  The items that can be turned in are outlined below.  It is so important to the environment that these items don’t wind up in the landfill or flushed down the toilet.

Please make sure that all paint can lids are on tight and that none of the items are leaking.  Please put these items in a box for easier transportation.

E-waste, such as computers, screens, printers and cords can be turned in as well.

Please empty all meds into a sealed zip lock baggie.  Items such as old vitamins and over-the-counter meds will be excepted.  Liquids, such as cough medicine can remain in the bottle.  This is your chance to get rid of expired or unused meds properly, without damage to the environment.

Please, no contractors. 

Jim Graham 


Accepted Materials

  • Auto fluids
  • Batteries
  • Cooking oil
  • E-waste
  • Fluorescent light fixtures and ballasts
  • Household cleaners and solvents
  • Lacquer, shellac, furniture polish 
  • Oil filters
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Pool chemicals
  • Printer cartridges

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