You may now set out only bulky items at the curb in front of your house for collection. Items must be set out no later than 7:00 a.m. on Monday:

February 13, 2023

Examples of Bulky Items:

Furniture, mattresses, appliances, barbecue grills, water heaters, fencing, up to 6 passenger car tires (no commercial tires), small pieces of carpeting, up to 3 TV’s and 3 wooden pallets. Bulky items are limited to eight (8) cubic yards.

Unacceptable Bulky Items:

No brush during this collection

No leaves, grass, or household trash in bags/boxes

No hazardous materials (e.g., paints, household cleaners, or motor oil cans or containers)

No construction materials/remodeling debris(e.g., bricks, Sheetrock®, soil, insulation, flooring, concrete, shingles & roofing materials, glass/mirrors)

Do not place under low-hanging tree limbs, on top of water meters, in front of parked cars or other obstructions, and avoid sidewalks where possible

Do not place any material on vacant lots

Do not place material at the curb after crews have passed by your house

Violations of City Code will result in fines of up to $2,000/day and/or collection costs invoiced to property owner

A separate brush collection will occur at a later time.

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