Place: Colby Glass Elementary School, Monday, 12th February, 6 PM

All HOA members are invited to the first 2024 monthly meeting.

President, Everette “Vince” Linn, writes:

” This meeting will be structured slightly differently than previous recent meetings in an attempt to be respectful of everyone’s time while also facilitating the much-needed completion of agendas. The structure will reflect how other professional groups, boards and HOAs conduct business. These changes will in no way affect how other processes, committees or actions are run, only the meeting structure itself. In order to facilitate a greater overall voice from the Inspiration Hills community, we ask that any issues you may wish to address during upcoming meetings be presented via email to me <> at least a week prior to the following meeting. This will provide an opportunity to consider and gather information before the Directors vote or take action on an item. The same will be held for committees; proposals must be sent a week prior. 

There will still be time for public comments and concerns during meetings, but this time will be limited in order to maximize other business. 

Please share this information with your neighbors and we look forward to serving the Inspiration Hills Community. 

All good things,

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