From: Park Director, Joe Torrez

Asking our homeowners for help this coming Saturday, 24 February.  Before hot weather returns, the oak trees need mulch around their umbrella to conserve water from the sun.  A Bobcat will be rented to spread the piles of mulch Jim Graham got donated.  Volunteers are asked to bring hats, gloves and straight steel racks to help spread the mulch.  Water will be provided.  This is an opportunity to help your community and meet neighbors.

IHHA February Monthly Meeting

Place: Colby Glass Elementary School, Monday, 12th February, 6 PM

All HOA members are invited to the first 2024 monthly meeting.

President, Everette “Vince” Linn, writes:

” This meeting will be structured slightly differently than previous recent meetings in an attempt to be respectful of everyone’s time while also facilitating the much-needed completion of agendas. The structure will reflect how other professional groups, boards and HOAs conduct business. These changes will in no way affect how other processes, committees or actions are run, only the meeting structure itself. In order to facilitate a greater overall voice from the Inspiration Hills community, we ask that any issues you may wish to address during upcoming meetings be presented via email to me <e.vince.linn@gmail.com> at least a week prior to the following meeting. This will provide an opportunity to consider and gather information before the Directors vote or take action on an item. The same will be held for committees; proposals must be sent a week prior. 

There will still be time for public comments and concerns during meetings, but this time will be limited in order to maximize other business. 

Please share this information with your neighbors and we look forward to serving the Inspiration Hills Community. 

All good things,

Your Association Needs Your Participation Now!

To:  IHHA Homeowners

Subject:  Your Association Needs Your Participation Now!

From: IHHA Treasurer

  1. The Association needs volunteers that care about maintaining the Quality of Life in their community, which also results in keeping up the values of your property.   Volunteers with new ideas, an interest in the Community Park and interest in helping senior citizens would be an advantage to the Association.
  2. This year the IHHA Association started out with $75,638 in the bank and collected $37,341 income from dues and other sources for a total of $112,979.  The Association will begin next year with less than $6,xxx. 
  3. The Association needs volunteers to fill the positions with 30 Street Director positions in 2024, from which the four Executive Board members are elected.  Currently, there are 14 vacant Street Director positions open and 4 non-participating Street Directors. The Association’s files and records have not been maintained and could use someone with office talents. The Association was without an active or vacant Treasurer Director for 9 months. A bookkeeper was contracted for three-plus years, but resigned on November 15, 2023 and a volunteer with accounting or bookkeeping experience would be great.  The Association is not in compliance with some State statutes.  Volunteers with dedicated interest and moral aptitude would be very helpful.  Without volunteers, the Association will not generate revenues to cover the Projected 2024 Budget. 
  4. The IHHA Dedicatory Rules and Regulations are posted at www.InspirationHills.net and pertinent statutes can be found at Texas Property Code, Chapter 209.  The IHHA Bylaws need to be updated next year.
  5. As you can see, the IHHA Association needs you.  If you would like to be considered as a Street Director, you can submit the application below and drop it off at the IHHA Community Park located at 403 Clearview Dr.  You can also go to “inspirationhills.net” and select “CONTACT” (top left) and fill out the application.  In the information block, indicate your interest to volunteer as a Street Director.  You can also text to (210) 434-7444 and include that you wish to volunteer as a Street Director.  To be elected as a Street Director, you must then attend the 2024 Annual IHHA meeting, held at St John’s United Methodist Church, 2002 Bandera Rd. at 10:00 AM, on January 13, 2024.

Name: ____________________________  Address: ________________________ Email:  ___________________________  Cell Phone:  ______________________